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Booking and Confirmation

  • Transfer reservations are not guaranteed until confirmed by the local operator and this usually takes 2-36 hours once your booking is made.  When your transfer is confirmed, then you will receive an email with further details about your transfer and local emergency contact numbers.  Avoid disappointment by booking well in advance.  Late bookings (those under 36-48 hours prior to the start of the transfer) sometimes cannot be honoured as drivers have other commitments.
  • All transfers must be paid for in advance.  If you are making several bookings at one location then please contact us in advance as we are often able to take a partial deposit on large numbers of bookings with the remainder payable to the driver.
  • Vehicle models and sizes are given when booking.  Please pick the vehicle that is best for your group, including any space needed for luggage beyond 1 checked luggage piece per passenger.  If you have any large items (surfboards, bikes, etc) or pets, please note this in the special comments section.  If the local operator cannot transport you in the booking selected (e.g., too much luggage or passengers for the selected vehicle) then you will receive an email with an upgrade request and a payment link from PayPal (payable with a PayPal balance or credit card).
  • Pickup times should be estimated by you to clear customs and retrieve luggage once your flight has arrived.  For departures you should plan to be at the airport 90 minutes to 3 hours ahead of your scheduled flight plus the time to get to the airport (check with your airline for their specific recommendations)
  • Please double check your pickup and drop off addresses, especially when your booking includes a residential address (including AirBNB/VRBO and others), a cruise port with many piers, an airport with separate domestic and international terminals, or a hotel chain with many properties in the city.  Please provide us with as many details as you can and we will verify your pickup and drop off details.  If incorrect details are entered then please let us know and we will correct your booking.  If drivers wait for pickup at an incorrect address provided by you, then a no refund shall apply.
  • If you will be travelling with a mobile phone, please enter your mobile phone number as part of your booking, should your driver need to contact you.  Drivers will also be provided with your email address and any other contact information you provide (e.g., Facebook messenger) to contact you should you not have a mobile phone number or one that cannot be reached.

Payments and Cancellations

  • All of our payments are made using the PayPal interface, but you do not need a PayPal account as we also accept all major credit cards through PayPal.
  • Cancellations of transfers/tours by you:  more than 48 hours before the transfer is to begin is 10%; under 48 hours before the transfer/tour is to begin is a 50% cancellation fee; under 24 hours a 100% cancellation fee (no refund).  We are happy to make a CANCELLATION FEE EXCEPTION for one complimentary postponed request (e.g., you are booked onto another flight that departs on a later date) that we are able to accommodate for (see bullet below) within the driver's schedule.  We are also happy to postpone any booked transfer to another date without charge within a 28 day period of the original transfer/tour date (must be the same transfer/tour product as originally ordered or an upgrade offered by the same local driver, but may be in the opposite direction). 
  • If you anticipate a last-minute change in your flight in less than 48 hours before your transfer or tour start time, such as a significant delay or you are placed on a new flight that does not match your original or confirmed and amended booking information, you must let us know as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate your new request.  As drivers often have other clients during the day, we will attempt to modify your pickup time subject to driver availability, however our cancellation policy shall still apply.  We are located in the Pacific Standard Time Zone (UTC -7 or -8) and will typically respond between the hours of ~07:00-22:00 local time (~14:00-05:00 UTC time).
  • Cancellations of transfers by local driver (such as them not being able to honour your request as they have already been booked): 100% refund
  • Partial cancellations of return transfers:  if you cancel half of a return transfer then we will apply the non-discounted price of the one-way transfer to your refund.
  • If your flight is late, the local operator will monitor the flight status information you have provided (i.e., flight airline and number) and adjust your pickup time, however please follow the procedure below if you arrive late and cannot locate your driver.

Locating Your Driver

  • If you cannot locate your driver, please review the confirmation email for your pickup location to ensure you are in the right location (some airports and cruise ports have specific driver waiting zones that will be given in the confirmation email).  If you still cannot locate your driver then you must call the emergency contact number provided with your email confirmation before making any other transfer arrangements.  No refunds are provided for no-shows and those that fail to call the emergency contact number.  For your added comfort, we also recommend entering your mobile phone, including the country code, during your booking so your driver may also contact you if you cannot be located.  If you do have difficulty locating your driver and you do not have a mobile phone then please also check your email account as some of our operators will email you if no phone number was given.  If you do have to use your mobile phone to contact your driver and you incur a roaming charge, then we will, upon request, refund the airtime associated for the call up to 3% of the base transfer price.

Other Conditions of Booking

  • Special requests should be made in the special requests section when booking, including handicap requirements, baby seats, or other requirements
  • Prices given include all fees and taxes. If you would like to leave a gratuity for your driver at the end of your trip, then we leave this up to you.  When we send you your transfer reminder (typically 24-48 hours prior to your transfer), we will let you know what the local tipping custom is.
  • None of our drivers will ask for any additional payment for your transfer, unless you request a modification of your transfer at the start of your transfer (e.g., an additional stop, additional luggage pieces, etc) as your transfer is completely pre-paid.  The exceptions to this condition is if your transfer was only partially pre-paid with the balance owing to the driver or for the few select northern Manila transfers we offer which includes a rental car with driver and you are responsible for fuel and tolls payable to the driver.  Any conditions that require additional payment to the driver prior to the start of your transfer will be outlined in your confirmation email.
  • Smoking is not permitted on any tour or transfer inside the vehicle
  • The local operator reserves the right to refuse services to any booking if passengers are unruly
  • If a payment dispute is initiated by you through PayPal and/or your credit card company then we will include these booking terms and conditions as per the date given below in our dispute as accepted by you upon your booking.

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