About Us was created by a small team of friends after years of frustration when travelling internationally and constantly feeling the same issue come up again and again where ever your travels took you.   After you arrive at the airport after a long journey and collect your luggage and go through customs and immigration you have a need to get from the airport to your hotel, AirBNB, or some other destination.  But being tired, jet lagged and likely dehydrated, the last thing you want to do is negotiate a taxi fare to your hotel, comparison price transfers, or play other transportation games.  Unfortunately, many travellers are ripped off at airports, simply because they are tired and just want to get to their hotel to take a shower, get a decent meal, and maybe take a nap.  Travellers may not understand the value of the local currency or fair market values where they are and often will feel the high-pressure sales and hassle by transportation providers after they walk through customs and immigration.  Unfortunately, the high-pressure sales pitch and the likely unfair to downright ridiculous fare that you have paid to get to your hotel from the airport paints a bad impression at the beginning of your journey.

Right: Bangkok taxis leaving from the airport.  Bangkok is full of transportation scams. was set up to give you peace-of-mind and stress-free arrival or departure transfers without having to deal with local transportation scams. With Transfers2Go, your driver will be waiting to welcome you with your name on a sign and will take you to your awaiting vehicle!

We too have been there too many times and know of the frustration.  So we decided to improve our international travels by working with selected local transportation companies around the world to make your travels more stress-free.  So now, when you arrive at your final destination after a long flight, you can collect your luggage, go through customs and immigration and then immediately outside the secure area you will find your driver waiting for you with your name on a signboard.  It is a nice feeling knowing that someone is there just for you!  You will be taken immediately to your private transfer vehicle and then off you go to your hotel, AirBNB, cruise port, or where ever your next destination might be.  You can just ignore the hassle of the high-pressure sales after leaving the secured area and trying to figure out where the official taxi line is, if the price offered is good, or even if the driver is licensed.  With our transfers, you have a choice of vehicles and the total price is given up front when you book.  There are no price mysteries when you arrive and no dealing with foreign currencies for any of our fully paid transfers.  Just follow your licensed driver to your vehicle and relax for your journey to your next destination. 

So why fight the chaos when you arrive?  We will help you arrive and get to your destination easy and stress-free!

Our team has been working in the ground transfers and tours industry since 2009 and collectively we have travelled to over 60 countries around the world.

Want to hear more?  We regularly air on the Informed Traveller, a travel program heard in both Canada and the U.S.A.  Here is one clip for our radio interview aired on 19 Feb 2017.

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